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The Hope of Metropolis

Brought to you by Lexcorp©

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I believe that we control our own destiny.
I believe in a higher power.

I believe that we need a boost from each other to reach the clouds.

I believe that's why I was put on this Earth. And I believe that Lexcorp gives you...


Name: Hope
Age: 25
Height: 5'8"
Hair: Short/dark
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Crime fighter, Metropolis's new Superhero.
Other: Hope wasn't born, it was created. The physical manifestation of Lex Luthor's ideals and belief in the progress of mankind. A cyborg with implanted memories, personality, and the belief that she is human. Hope can fly, has super speed and strength along with the ability to fire bolts of electricity. She is Luthor's proof that humanity doesn't need Superman.

[ooc: This is a roleplaying journal and muse and mun are 18+. This journal will contain adult concepts. Please take note of Hope's Canon. Also: Hope's complete comic]
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