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Feet up on the dash, Hope's attention is directed solely at the computer navigator in her hand as they round another bend.  "Okay, so in two and a half miles we're going to have to take a right, just go straight and then we're there!"

This had been a plan in the making for weeks.  It wasn't hard to rent the car, but to get out of the city, that's tough.  To find a place that is close enough for a weekend trip yet far enough away to keep out of the blast field of LA?  A little harder.  The answer actually fell into her lap.  The cabin was a weekend rental for one of the firefighters she had saved from a forest fire when she was heading back to Metropolis from LA one day.  He would do anything to pay her back, turns out, that was as simple as letting her use his cabin for a weekend in April.

She had checked it out earlier that week, did a bit of cleaning, stocked the shelves, chopped from firewood and the place was all set.  It really is beautiful, high up in the mountains, surrounded by dark evergreens and silence.  At night everything is so dark that the sky looks like a pool of spilled ink: far off stars and space stations scattered against the stillness. 

Oh, she has been looking forward to this for ages.
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She does how he instructs: sliding her fingers under the tight hem of his shirt and pushing it up, up, over his chiseled abs, strong chest and over his head.  This might need a little team work, this is her first time working with this kind of material and it sticks so tightly to his skin that she figures this is not too far off from actually skinning an animal.  It's a thought that she quickly, quickly quashes. 

When he is topless her lips return to his, her hands moving over him once again this time delighting in all of the skin she is coming in contact with.  He is so warm, her finger crave him, the smooth of his flesh and the lines of his muscles she eats right up.  This time when she presses her bare body up against his it's skin on skin contact.

The feeling makes her shiver with delight.
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 if you are interested in Hope's canon and complete story line, here is an imgur album of the entire comic.

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