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She does how he instructs: sliding her fingers under the tight hem of his shirt and pushing it up, up, over his chiseled abs, strong chest and over his head.  This might need a little team work, this is her first time working with this kind of material and it sticks so tightly to his skin that she figures this is not too far off from actually skinning an animal.  It's a thought that she quickly, quickly quashes. 

When he is topless her lips return to his, her hands moving over him once again this time delighting in all of the skin she is coming in contact with.  He is so warm, her finger crave him, the smooth of his flesh and the lines of his muscles she eats right up.  This time when she presses her bare body up against his it's skin on skin contact.

The feeling makes her shiver with delight.

2016-11-18 16:25 (UTC)
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He is perfectly willing to help her get the costume off. See Hope, those long fingered hands of his

It's kind of exhilarating and nerve-wracking all at the same time. It's not that he doesn't think he's good looking; there's a whole group of person's out in Metropolis that study how he's trending with people and he always seems to do well in that regard - it's just very different that what he's accustomed to.

Admittedly, neither of them were all that sure there was a mutual physical attraction before now. Funny how it seemed to be discovered by them out of the blue. Like this could have happened to them at any time, but today was apparently the day.

She's got her skin against his. Her hands all over his body. It feels so good that now, he doesn't wonder why people talk about things like this in hushed tones anymore, even though it always seemed like the kind of thing that should be private. It's like nothing has ever felt before. Rick leans in to kiss her of his own accord, there's so much thrill and a want for more she can probably taste it right off of his lips.

2016-11-18 18:38 (UTC)
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Rick can sense the reluctance in her when she pulls away. Not far enough not to be kissing him, but that she's pressed up on him and Hope seems to hate the idea that now that she isn't. The thought of it makes him feel funny - that he's desirable in that way and somehow more masculine than he was only twenty minutes ago.

It's strange the way that intimacy affects his feelings and his self-image so much. He didn't expect that. It's not as if he's changed all that much, but yet he already feels different.

He actually sighs in relief when she gets the costume down to thigh level. Locked in a kiss she'll only see so much of him in terms of a reveal, but he's just as handsomely proportioned there as anywhere else. He's throbbing hard already, which, Hope might not have known thanks to the costume.

Eventually, he too will pull away - with great reluctance - to assist in getting the rest of the suit off.

2016-11-18 19:14 (UTC)
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It's a shame that you aren't innately given a sense of what is sexy or that among the big guy's superpowers, he doesn't have telepathy - because that certainly seems like it could be fun. What Hope has is something of a blank slate. Not only does he not have any of this kind of experience, she might get the sense that he was sheltered from it.

Rick is all wide-eyed and waiting for commands, though. Eager to please. Almost like a puppy. Training him, at least, might be its own kind of fun.

He doesn't need to be asked twice. When she beacons to him, he follows. Is he supposed to loom over her now? Is that what she wants? His chest rises and falls faster than normal, indicative of his quicker and deeper breaths ...
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2016-11-18 20:01 (UTC)
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At the sensation of her hand on his part, Rick exhales a bit of a shaky breath. It's not that he doesn't want the touch, it's good. Really good. It's just that he seems to have so much energy right now and he doesn't have any idea what to do with it.

"I'm alright?"

A part of him has always wanted to ask her how he compares to other men he's been around. To her husband, sometimes. Is he her type? Those sorts of things. It never occurred to him that he might be up for this kind of comparison or other ones to come. The stray thought of there not being really anything could do if he doesn't please her, does occur to him. He doesn't worry too much because her reaction seems positive so far.

2016-11-18 20:28 (UTC)
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There's more you can do with a man that's a little on the big side that you can't do with a guy on the small side, whether you're inherently impressed by the size of the endowment or not. He is, of course, eager to learn.


It's almost as if it didn't occur to him that he could simply be the one to lay back and let her do all the work. Not that it doesn't appeal to him. It seems like a great way for him to get a sense of the way two bodies can some together.

"Yeah, you take care of me." As if he was going to say no. He pushes the towel and the covers over a little bit with his toes and then, sinks into the bed. It occurs to him to tell her, "you look pretty, Hope."

Pretty might not be the right word, but he means to compliment her anyway.

2016-11-18 21:00 (UTC)
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The last thing that Rick wanted to do was make her self-conscious. She must know that the compliment came from a place of good intentions, all the things that he does are. He doesn't really know what to make of the short sputter of a laugh - he's just glad that it ended ultimately with a thanks and then ... continuing on.

Less talking and more touching is not something he'll complain about. There will be plenty of time to compliment her later, while he processes everything. He gets the sense that he's going to be a little too distracted to absorb it all in the moment.

He can put his hands on her too, right? She's doing all this touching so it must be okay for him to do the same. He stars with hands on her hips, under long coats and loose shirts he didn't realize she was so curvy. He finds the wide of her hips attractive. And he puts his big mitts on her but again too, because, hey ... that was nice the first time.

2016-11-18 21:53 (UTC)
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There's not really a need to work him up to frenzy. He wouldn't even really get it, right now. You can fully appreciate drawing out the pleasure until you know how good the end result is and even if she did go down on him till he orgasmed, still, he'd be missing out on the feel of certain other things.

Really, he needs to just get laid. Then they can worry about seasoning him a little bit more.

She moves like she knows exactly what she's doing. He finds himself oddly admiring and even envious of it on some level. Hope knows what she likes already and he kind of wishes he was at that point already. Then she starts sinking over his prick - just when he thinks, wow, this is the best thing I've ever felt - there's something that one-ups it.

"Jeez ..." The closest to a swearword he's ever come to around her, bless him. "Does it always feel like this?"

2016-11-18 23:12 (UTC)
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Hope is mainly honest with him. It's good that she is because he has so many people around him that aren't, for one reason or another. The part of him that thinks she's special wanted him to believe that they were better together, for some reason, but they've been finding ways to be good together all along.

And even if Sex is always the kind thing that feels pretty good even when it's kind of bad, at least he'll have her to be patient and show him the ropes. He has to believe that not everybody would accommodate his lack of experience so well.

"I'm glad I'm with you." He murmurs the words, almost drunk on the sensation now that she's taken him fully. He takes a weird pride in being told that he feels great like this - as if he had done anything other than just ... be born like this. She's been doing all the work. He's decided he's going go with it anyway; taking the compliment and running.

His eyes take in the sight of the two of them together and he gets a feeling of further throbbing. The way blood rushes to the impact of a bruise, except there's no pain right now. Just feeling good. He wiggles a little bit simply to see how it feels.
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2016-11-19 04:03 (UTC)
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She'll put up with him, mainly. His not knowing.

Rick doesn't know if what he's got is as good as she says it is or if simply being well equipped is enough. The only conversations about sex he's ever been privy to are ones he's overheard and ... they don't really make that much sense to someone who hasn't had it.

So he answers her kiss with his own. Getting more confident with each touch of their lips together. He presses his face a little more into this one, all eager to show her that he can handle this and he's getting better. His lips are finding the ways that feel good to move with Hope's.

"You'll like me when this is over." He says finally. Deckard feels pretty confident about that despite things he's heard of one night stands and sex being disappointing. Maybe things won't change much, but ... she'd still wanna be around him, he figures.

With her permission, he puts his hand on her hips and starts moving a little bit. Not just himself, hip crashing like waves together, but influencing the pace simply by the force of his hands.

2016-11-19 04:49 (UTC)
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Deckard winces at the sudden still of her hips. Stopping like that without warning doesn't feel very good at all and though he had no idea toward what, the momentum they were building up seems to have fallen away.

The thought enters his mind that he didn't have to stop. That he would be strong enough to keep moving against her exactly as he wanted and there wouldn't be all that much she could do in response. It doesn't take more than a moment of considering that, however, for him to realize that's a horrible way to be thinking. He's even pretty ashamed that it crossed his mind at all.


His own movements still, his left-hand falls away to the mattress, but the right tries to caress her. Like he might be able to fix this with a loving touch somehow - or perhaps it's to help himself feel better.

"I just ... I've heard people find reasons not to see each other after something like this. I don't think you'd do that."

2016-11-19 15:30 (UTC)
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It could be surprising that someone like Deck could be insecure? Maybe to all the outsiders watching the slickly polished media released by the company that keeps him so busy. Or even to the person who have seen him in his element; battling villains of all sorts and limiting the damage of catastrophic events, where he's comfortable.

She knows him at a level that nobody else does and he's confided enough in Hope that she knows that he lives inside of very deliberate climate of exposure. So, of course, losing her is a worry of his.

It's a strange time to be worried about that, but then, he lives kind of a strange life.

At any rate, he's relieved when she starts moving again. Rick might not be sure of all the reasons why, but he feels like he needs this and it would be a shame for it to stop. His movements are still a little awkward, but he has fitness and natural grace on his side. Experience with help him a lot.

"Good. Cause I like this a lot, but you even more."

2016-11-19 17:29 (UTC)
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He might be simple, sometimes, but Rick is well meaning. There's every indication that he means it when he says he cares about her and his actions leading up to this day have indicated that it's true.

It's not easy to carry on a conversation while they're doing this, though. So he's content to lay back, discover and enjoy himself. If this is taking care of him, she's doing a hell of a job. The pleasure seems to make a thick fog to the world around them and even his thoughts; concerns and worries fall away leaving on the two of them left in the clear.

Nothing has ever seemed so pure.

He finds from this pose they adopted, that he likes to lean and tilt his hips in the ways that make her thrusts deeper. Rick is moving a little too much though and then, is having to move back. Subtly isn't particularly a strength in any aspect of his life.

2016-11-19 18:53 (UTC)
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There's a learning curve for everyone. Even superheroes. She's seen him accidently break plates or trip over things in the apartment. Rick can be so very imperfect sometimes. He almost wishes Hope saw a bit less of him so that she had more of the persona in mind when she thought of him - not enough to not want to be around her, though, in the end. He's crazy about her.

All the moving they're doing. It builds in him a tension that he wasn't expecting. A tightness in all of his muscles that she no doubt can feel as they move against each other. It was relaxing and freeing when they started having sex, but he's finding that it becomes less and less so.

It's strange. He finds himself longing for something without knowing what to the point where he almost wonders if he's doing this wrong. Pressure building up between them, with warmth and sweat. Rick could almost suffocate, while Hope, seemingly is getting more and more tense as well.

Then all of a sudden there's a release - it's the tension in his body that he notices first, after being so rigid to now feel so limp, yet there's a far more literally release that he notices after - thick and warm, right into her. He can feel twitching in parts of his genitals that he's never felt before with the action, but only sort of. More than anything he just feels deeply relaxed and ... good.

He'd sighed in his pleasure, hardly realizing that he had.

2016-11-19 19:39 (UTC)
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It's not as if the pile of muscle, blood, bone and thought beneath her has any idea what people normally do after a climax. Getting right apart from each other or laying together would have seemed equally as fine to him. There is something nice about staying close, though. In hugs or the odd times that he would hold her before, it always felt nice, but something feels different when he wraps his arms around her now.

His hands are heavy on her back. A wordless command that seems to say, 'stay close to me'. His cock seems mainly done with what it intended to do to her, but it's not as if his hard fades instantly. An experimental wiggle confirms that, yes, they have made a lot of dampness.

"I'm sure that we had good reasons not to do this." They must have, right? "I'm just glad we forgot what they were."

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